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Cara minum

1. Air Liur Basi dalaman + 0.5liter Rx-Water
2. Rx-Salt (secalit jari manis) + 0.5liter Rx-Water
3. Rx-Salt (secalit jari manis) + 0.5liter Rx-Water
4. Rx-Salt (secalit jari manis) + 0.5liter Rx-Water
5. Rx-Salt (secalit jari manis) + 0.5liter Rx-Water

Jumlah Rx-Water sehari = 2.5 liter

Air adalah IBU segala ubat – Dr. Noordin Darus

Water Theraphy
It is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven a its value. Wepublish below a description of use of water for our readers. For old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses the water treatment had been found successful by a Japanese medical society as a 100% cure forthe following diseases:Headache, body ache, heart system, arthritis, fast heart beat, epilepsy, excess fatness, bronchitis asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney and urine diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation,all eye diseases, womb, cancer and menstrual disorders, ear nose andthroat diseases.

1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink 4 x 160ml glasses of water
2. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minute
3. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal.
4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours
5. Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink 4 glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase it to 4 glasses per day.
6. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life.The following list gives the number of days of treatment required tocure/control/ reduce main diseases1. High Blood Pressure - 30 days2. Gastric - 10 days3. Diabetes - 30 days4. Constipation - 10 days5. Cancer - 180 days6. TB - 90 days
7. Arthritis patients should follow the above treatment only for 3 daysin the 1st week, and from 2nd week onwards - daily.This treatment method has no side effects, however at the commencement of treatment you may have to urinate a few times.It is better if we continue this and make this procedure as a routinework in our life.
Drink Water and Stay healthy and Active.
This makes sense .. The Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea with their meals ..not cold water. Maybe it is time we adopt their drinking habitwhile eating!!! Nothing to lose, everything to gain...For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you.It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the coldwater will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion.Once this "sludge" reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.
A serious note about heart attacks: Women should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting.Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line.You may never have the first chest pain during the course of a heartattack.Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms.60% of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not wake up.Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let's be careful and be aware. The more we know, the better chance we could survive... More at

WATER THERAPY ( Hydrotherapy)
Just by drinking 6 glasses of water and without spending on medicine, tablets, injections, diagnosis, Doctor fees, etc. the following diseases will be cured. You can never believe before practicing. Let us see the list of diseases being cured by this therapy.Diseases cured by Drinking water:
Urogenital diseases
Blood Pressure/Hyper Tension
Hyper acidity
General Paralysis
Rectal Piodapse
Eye diseases
Opthelmic Haemorrhage & Opthalmia (reddish eye)
Irregular Menstruation
Uterine cancer
Pulminory Tuberculosis (T.B.)
Breast cancer
Kidney stones
How does pure water act?Consuming ordinary drinking water by the right method purifies human body. It renders the colon more effective by forming new fresh blood, known in medical terms as Haematopaises. That the mucousal folds of the colon and intestines are activated by this method, is an undisputed fact, just as the theory that new fresh blood is produced by the mucousal fold.If the colon is cleaned then the nutrients of the food taken several times a day will be absorbed and by the action of the mucousal folds they are turned into fresh blood. The blood is all important in curing ailments and restoring health, and for this water should be consumed in a regular pattern.
How to do this water therapy?
Early morning after you get up from bed (without even brushing your teeth) drink 1.50 litres of water i.e., 5 ? to 6 ? glasses. Better to premeasure 1.50 litres of water. Let us all know that our ancestors termed this therapy as "Usha Paana Chikitsa". You may wash your face thereafter.
Here it is very essential to note that nothing else - neither drinks nor solid food of any sort - should be taken within 1? hours before and after drinking this 1.50 litres of water.
It is also to be strictly observed that no Alcoholic drinks should be taken the previous night.
If required, boiled and filtered water may be used for this purpose. Is it possible to drink 1.50 litres of water at one time?
To begin with, one may find it difficult to drink 1.50 litres of water at one time, but one will get used to it gradually.
Initially, while practising you may drink four glasses first and the balance two glasses after a gap of two minutes. Initially you may find the necessity to urinate 2 to 3 times within an hour, but it will become normal after sometime. By research and experience, the following diseases are observed to be cured with this therapy within the indicated days as below
Constipation: 1 day
Acidity: 2 days
Diabetes: 7 days
BP & Hypertension: 4 weeks
Cancer: 4 weeks
Pulminory TB: 3 months Note:It is advised that persons suffering from Arthritis or Rheumatism should practise this therapy thrice a day, i.e., morning, midday and night, 1 hours before meals - for one week; and twice a day subsequently till the disease is cured.We make an earnest request that the above method should be read and practised carefully. By God's grace all should lead healthy life.



Drink six (6) glasses of water (1.5 liters) everyday and avoid medicine, tablets, injections, diagnosis, doctor fees, etc. • You can never believe it before practicing it.List of Diseases That Can Be Cured By Water Therapy • Blood Pressure/Hyper Tension• Anemia (Blood Shortage)• Rheumatism (Pain in joints/muscles)• General Paralysis• Obesity• Arthritis• Sinusitis• Tachycardia• Giddiness• Cough• Leukemia• Asthma• Bronchitis• Pulmonary Tuberculosis• Meningitis• Kidney Stones• Urogenital Diseases• Hyper Acidity• Dysentery• Gastroenteritis• Uterus Cancer• Rectal Piodapse• Constipation• Hostorthobics• Diabetes• Eye Diseases• Ophthalmic Hemorrhage & Opthalmia (Reddish eye)• Irregular Menstruation• Breast Cancer• Laryngitis• Headache• Leukemia

Therapy Procedure

Early morning, after you get up from bed, (without even brushing your teeth) drink 1.50 liters of water i.e., 5 to 6 glasses You may wash your face thereafter.• Here it is very essential to note that nothing else, neither drinks nor solid food of any sort should be taken within 1 hour before and after drinking these 1.5 liters of water.• If required, boiled and filtered water may be used for this purpose.• It is difficult to drink 1.5 liters of water at one time, but you will get used to it gradually.• Initially, while practicing you may drink four glasses first and to balance two glasses after a gap of two minutes. • You may find the necessity to urinate 2 to 3 times within an hour, but it will become normal after quite some time.

By Research and Experience

The following diseases observed to be cured with this therapy within the indicated days as below:– Constipation - 1 day – Acidity - 2 days – Diabetes - 7 days – Cancer - 4 weeks – Pulmonary TB - 3 months – BP & Hypertension - 4 weeks Note: It is advised that persons suffering from Arthritis or Rheumatism should practice this therapy thrice a day, i.e. morning, midday and night, 1 hour before meals for one week; and twice a day subsequently until the disease disappears.

How Does Pure Water Act?• Consuming ordinary drinking water by the right method purifies human body. It renders the colon more effective by forming new fresh blood, known in medical terms as " Haematopaises". That the mucousal folds of the colon and intestines are activated by this method, is an undisputed fact, just as the theory that new fresh blood is produced by the mucousal fold. • If the colon is cleansed then the nutrients of the food taken several times a day will be absorbed and by the action of the mucousal folds they are turned into fresh blood. The blood is all important in curing ailments and restoring health and for this water should be consumed in a regular pattern.

EAT FRESH FRUITS We all think eating fruits means simply buying fruit, cutting it and just popping it into our mouths. . You will benefit much more if you know how and when to eat fruit.CORRECT WAY of EATING FRUITSFruits should be taken on an empty stomach . . . . . . . not as dessert after the meal as is often done.If you eat fruit like that, it will also serve a major role to detoxify your system, supplying you with a great deal of energy for weight loss and other life activities. FRUIT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FOODLet's say you eat two slices of bread . . . and then a slice of fruit. As fruit digests faster than bread, the slice of fruit digests quickly and is ready to go straight through the stomach into the intestines, but its passage is blocked by the bread which takes longer to digest… …In the meantime the whole meal ferments and turns to acid. Consequently, when the fruit comes into contact with the food in the stomach and digestive juices, the entire mass of food begins to spoil ! So it is better to eat your fruits in an empty stomach or before your meals. You have heard people complaining – every time I eat water-melon I burp, when I eat durian my stomach bloats up, when I eat banana I feel like running to the toilet etc – The fruit mixes with the putrefying other food and produces gas and hence you will bloat ! Actually, all this will not arise if you eat the fruit on an empty stomach. Graying hair, balding, nervous outbursts, dark circles under the eyes - all these will not happen if you eat fruit on an empty stomach. It is incorrectly presumed that some fruits, like orange and lemon are acidic and will enhance acidity in the stomach. Research however shows that all fruits become alkaline in our body. WHEN YOU NEED TO DRINK FRUIT JUICE Drink only fresh fruit juice, NOT from the cans. Don't drink juice that has been heated up. Don't eat cooked fruits because you don't get the nutrients at all. You only get the taste. So stop making 'durian porridge' if you want nutrients. Cooking fruit destroys all the vitamins Eating the pulp or whole fruit is far better than drinking the juice as the fibre is good for you. If you should drink the juice, drink it mouthful by mouthful slowly, because you must let it mix with your saliva before swallowing it. FRUIT FASTA 3-day "fruit fast" is a very simple and effective way to cleanse and de-toxify your body. Just eat fruits and drink fruit juice throughout the 3 days and you will be surprised when your friends tell you how radiant you look ! During the "fruit fast" you can eat different fruits at different times, although occasionally mixed fruit salad would also be permissible and more interesting. If you have mastered the correct way of eating fruits, you have the secret of beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness and normal weight.

Please spread this message to your friends, relatives and neighbors. It is a great service to the cause of humanity Life is Short, Just go for it !

Unbelievable But True Testimonies

Pn Shila Bt. Awaluddin (Ampang)

Saya mula menggunakan produk pelangsingan 7havenTM ini lebih kurang enam(6) bulan yang lepas. Sebelum ini berat badan saya mencecah 79kg dan amat sukar bagi saya mendapat berat badan yang ideal. Ternyata pilihan produk pelangsingan 7havenTM adalah pemakanan kesihatan dan pengimbang nutrien yang baik.

Sepanjang program pelangsingan ini, saya mengamalkan pemakanan dan senaman seperti yang disyorkan oleh Dr. Noordin Darus. Alhamdulillah masalah perut buncit, rekahan pada badan dan selulit telah dapat saya atasi. Kini berat saya turun hampir 12kg. Kini saya rasa lebih yakin dengan penampilan diri saya dan saya pasti ianya berkat usaha, disiplin dan kesabaran dalam melalui program ini.

Pada pandangan saya setiap wanita harus terus cuba kekal anggun, sihat, cergas dan kekal langsing walaupun sudah meningkat usia dan ini semua boleh didapatkan dengan menggunakan produk 7havenTM dengan bersistematik dan cekal. Usaha ini akan lebih mudah dengan penggunaan produk-produk lain iaitu Terapi Rx-WaterTM, Rx-TraTM dan Rx-SaltTM.

Jutaan terima kasih saya ucapkan kepada WorldWellness kerana mengeluarkan produk-produk bermutu seperti 7havenTM. Tidak lupa juga kepada Cik Reena, kakitangan WorldWellness, yang sentiasa memantau kemajuan saya sewaktu melalui Program Pelangsingan 7havenTM tersebut.

Jika saya mampu melakukannya, mengapa tidak anda?

I started using 7havenTM slimming product about six(6) months ago. Before that my weight reached 79kg and it was very difficult for me to reach my ideal weight. Obviously 7havenTM is a good health supplement and nutrient balancer.

Throughout this slimming programme I practiced the diet and exercise programmes as promoted by Dr. Noordin Darus. Alhamdulillah I was able to solve my pot belly, chaps and cellulite problems. Now I have reduced almost 12kg of my weight and I feel more confident with myself and I am sure it is due to my effort, discipline and patience while going through this programme.

I am of the opinion that each woman should continue to try and stay elegant, healthy and slim despite the increase in age and all these could be obtained by using 7havenTM systematically and with perseverance. The effort will also be made easier with the usage of other products such as Rx-WaterTM Therapy, Rx-TraTM and Rx-SaltTM.

Many thanks to WorldWellness for producing these quality products particularly 7havenTM. Not forgetting my thanks to Cik Reena, WorldWellness staff, who continuously monitored my progress throughout the 7havenTM Slimming Programme.
If I managed to do it, why not you?

Pn Noorhayati Bt. Abd Ghani (Kuala Lumpur)

Saya sememangnya mengalami masalah berat badan sejak lama dulu dimana saya telah mencuba berbagai ubat dan petua namun tidak berkesan. Setelah diperkenalkan kepada WorldWellness saya telah mencuba produk 7havenTM untuk mengatasi masalah berat badan saya. Alhamdulillah saya telah dapat menurunkan berat badan saya dari 86kg kepada 75kg dalam masa beberapa bulan sahaja. Dengan 7havenTM juga saya telah dapat mengurangkan tahap kolestrol yang agak tinggi sebelum ini dan ia telah disahkan oleh doktor yang merawat saya.

Saya mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada WorldWellness dan Pengasasnya yang telah mengeluarkan produk yang telah membantu masalah berat badan saya.

I had been facing weight problem since a long time ago and I had tried various medicines and guides without any success. After being introduced to WorldWellness I started trying 7havenTM to solve my weight problem. Alhamdulillah I was able to reduce my weight from 86kg to 75kg in just a few months. With 7havenTM I have also reduced my cholesterol level which was quite high before and this was confirmed by the doctor who treated me.

I would like to thank WorldWellness and its Founder for producing a product that has helped me with my weight problem.

En Zaini B. Mohd Arif (Singapura)

En. Zaini B. Mohd Arif, 52 tahun mengidap kanser sejak 2003 dan merebak ke paru-paru. Selepas mengamalkan meminum Rx-WaterTM kurang dari setahun, keadaan penyakit beliau sembuh 90%. Kini mula mengamalkan Rx-TraTM.

En. Zaini B. Mohd Arif, 52 years old suffered cancer since 2003 which spread to his lungs. After drinking Rx-WaterTM for less than a year, his condition was 90% cured. Now he is using Rx-TraTM.

En Kasubi B. Bakir (London)

Menghidapi gout dan sukar berjalan dan perlu sentiasa makan ubat untuk menahan kesakitan. Telah mengamalkan meminum Rx-WaterTM sebaik sahaja bangun dari tidur setiap hari dan kini sudah tiada gout dan boleh makan sebarang makanan.

Suffered from gout, difficulty in walking and relied heavily on medicine to relief from pain. Have been drinking Rx-WaterTM every morning and now the condition is gone and can eat almost anything.

En Hj. Abdul Khan B. Rajab (Pulau Pinang)

Menderita Penyakit Jantung Ischaemia dari tahun 1979-1986 (kerap dimasukkan ke hospital sama ada ICU atau wad biasa). Diserang lumpuh pada Februari 2006. Mengamalkan Rx-WaterTM + Rx-SaltTM and Rx-TraTM dan pada hari ketiga sudah boleh berjalan & bergerak.

Suffered of Ischaemia Heart Disease from 1979 ?1986 (frequently hospitalised either into ICU or normal wards). Had a stroke attack in February 2006.Has been taking Rx-WaterTM + Rx-SaltTM and Rx-TraTM and on the third day was able to walk and move.

En Syed Amir B. Syed Noh (Selangor)

Menderita kencing manis sejak September 2005 yang kemudiannya merebak ke mata mengakibatkan rabun. Setelah kurang dari sebulan mengamalkan Rx-WaterTM, rabun beliau mula sembuh dan paras gula turun dari 10 ke 6.6 (sukatan pada 25 April 2006).

Suffered of diabetes since September 2005 which then spread to his eyes and caused him to have a blurred vision. After consuming Rx-WaterTM for less than a month, his vision started to recover and his blood sugar level reduced from 10 to 6.6 (as at 25 April 2006).

En Mohd Hairul Miran (Kuala Lumpur)

Beliau disahkan buta oleh Pakar Mata selama 3 tahun akibat terkena renjisan alkali pada muka dan mata ketika melakukan kerja-kerja praktikal di sebuah kilang sarung tangan. Selepas mengambil air Rx-WaterTM selama 2 minggu cahaya dan bayang-bayang yang samar telah mula kelihatan. 2 minggu selepas itu, doktor mengesahkan bahawa urat saraf didalam mata beliau sudah mula tumbuh semula dan penglihatan beliau sekarang sudah mula jelas. Kini beliau merupakan atlet kurang upaya negara.

He was declared blind by an eye Specialist due to an accidental sprinkle of alkaline on his face while he was doing his practical training at a glove factory. He suffered for nearly 3 years before he was introduced to Rx-WaterTM. After drinking Rx-WaterTM for 2 weeks he began to see some light and shadows. Two weeks later specialist doctors confirmed that the nerves in his eyes have started to grow again and now his vision has improved. Currently he is a disabled athlete for the country.

En Alias b. Hj Saleh (Sekinchan)

En. Alias mempunyai dua orang anak yang menghidap penyakit ekzema sejak lahir lagi. Keadaan salah seorang daripada mereka amat teruk dimana ia telah merebak ke seluruh badannya dan pakar perubatan juga tidak mempunyai apa-apa jalan penyelesaian. Kemudian anaknya telah mengambil ikhtiar dengan meminum air Rx-WaterTM dan lama kelamaan segala kesakitan dan kegatalan di tubuh badannya telah beransur hilang. Beliau sekarang telah boleh menghadiri sekolah seperti kanak-kanak yang lain.

En Alias has 2 kids suffering from a serious eczema problem since their births. The condition of one of them was so bad that it affected her whole body and even medical experts could not help her. Out of desperation En. Alias turned to the media for help. He was then introduced to Rx-WaterTM by a university lecturer who happened to use Rx-WaterTM. After using Rx-WaterTM for about a week or so, his daughters' pain and itchiness lessened and over time the eczema cleared. Now the girls are back in school, something which they dreaded doing before this because of their condition.

En Phalip Hamzah (Terengganu)

Beliau telah terlibat di dalam kemalangan helikopter yang menyebabkan beliau terpaksa lompat keluar daripada helikopter setinggi 7 tingkat dan menyebabkan tulang belakang dan tulang pinggulnya retak. Selepas mengambil air Rx-WaterTM selama 10 hari, beliau sudah boleh menggerakkan tangan beliau. Beliau terus mengambil air Rx-WaterTM selama satu bulan dan sudah boleh mengangkat tangan dan juga kaki. Kemudian beliau sudah boleh baring mengiring dan juga meniarap dengan sendiri tanpa apa-apa bantuan.

He was involved in a helicopter accident which forced him to jump from the helicopter at a height equivalent to a 7 storey building and caused him to fracture his back bone and pelvis. He was bedridden and immobile for months.After ten days of drinking Rx-WaterTM, he was able to move his hand and after continuously drinking Rx-WaterTM for about a month he was able to lift his hands and legs. Later on, he was able to lie sideways and face down by himself.He is now on his way to recovery.

En Mohamad Muzmin b. Nordin (Sungai Petani, Kedah)

Beliau disahkan menghidap kanser tulang di bahagian peha kanannya. Beliau terpaksa menanggung derita selama 8 tahun dan bergantung kepada steroid untuk mengurangkan kesakitan. Kesan sampingan yang dialami oleh beliau ialah pandangan yang kabur dan rambut mulai gugur. Diantara kesan awal selepas mengambil Rx-WaterTM, penglihatan beliau semakin jelas dan sakit yang dirasai daripada kanser telah mula hilang. Pakar mengesahkan beliau sudah 80% pulih daripada kanser dan boleh mula bekerja seperti biasa.

He was diagnosed with bone cancer at his right thigh. He suffered for 8 years and had to rely on steroids to reduce the pain. The side effects of the drugs caused his vision to be blurred and he also lost his hair.After being introduced to Rx-WaterTM, his vision became clear and the pain form the cancer was greatly reduced. Following the Rx-WaterTM therapy, specialist confirmed that he is 80% cured from cancer and is now back to work as usual

En Baharuddin (Shah Alam)
Saya sentiasa mengalami sakit-sakit badan terutamanya ketika bangun pagi. Pada peringkat umur hampir pertengahan abad ini saya sering mengalami lenguh-lenguh badan terutamanya di bahagian pinggang dan juga sendi-sendi. Setelah kawan saya memperkenalkan MaxPlusTM kepada saya Alhamdulillah masalah tersebut berkurangan dan yang paling menakjubkan hubungan di antara saya dan isteri saya bertambah harmoni, ceria dan intim. Terima kasih kepada MaxPlusTM. Memang POWER!

En Zakariah Hassan (Ampang)

Saya, Zakariah bin Hassan, berumur 49 tahun juga merupakan seorang ahli perniagaan yang sangat sibuk. Saya mempunyai tiga orang isteri dan tujuh orang anak. Setelah saya menggunakan MaxPlusTM setiap hari, tubuh badan saya menjadi lebih bertenaga dan bertambah sihat.

Saya dapat melaksanakan tanggungjawab saya sebagai seorang suami dan juga sebagai seorang ahli perniagaan dengan lebih baik.

Saya bersyukur kepada Allah S.W..T kerana telah menemukan saya dengan MaxPlusTM. Saya mengesyorkan pemakanan Max Plus diambil bersama-sama dengan Rx-WaterTM dan Rx-TraTM bagi memperolehi kesihatan yang baik sepanjang hayat. InsyaAllah.

Bapak Julius (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Satu hari sewaktu pulang kerja dengan menaiki motor saya telah mengalami kecelakaan dimana saya tertabark sebuah motor dan terpelanting sejauh 3 meter. Diwaktu itu saya mengalami luka memar pada tangan dan kaki saya agak susah untuk digerakkan.

Ada seorang lelaki yang membawakan air Rx-WaterTM dan mengusapkannya di seluruh bahagian badan saya yang sakit. Pada waktu itu saya merasa bingung dan saya bertanya pada diri sendiri "air apakah ini?" Saya merasa takjub kerana setelah beberapa menit saya kembali boleh berjalan dan tubuh saya yang lebam rasa lebih baik.

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